Thursday, September 2, 2010


This past Spring Break we were able to fly to Michigan to visit family. We usually drive but because of Jonathan has so many issues, and the simple fact I was travelling alone with the 4 children. We decided to fly. The kids were excited. Kescha has wanted to fly as long as I can remember. So she even got to put on the captain's hat. What a great time we had. And she made a beautiful memory.
I have been feeling a little inspired to use my camera or edit some pictures I have already taken.  So I hope to share some pictures with you.
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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

kids and their unwilling spirits

Tuesdays are hard days for us.  We start with Speech therapy for the baby at 730a.  and Jonah ends with Speech therapy at 4p.  And we have a great cocktail of therapies and appointments in between.  Needless to say we are pretty tuckered and Jonah doesn't get his much needed rest time.  He doesn't really nap anymore, but we require him to lay and be still for 1 hour.  But it just doesn't happen on Tuesdays. 
Well, when we took pictures last week we forgot to get pictures of the 4 kids alone together.  Which was one of the biggest things I wanted.  So our oh so kind photographer agreed to meet us tonight.  What a mistake!  the baby cried himself to sleep.  Jonah well let's just say he came home in trouble got disciplined and went right to bed.
O well, it wasn't really the memory I wanted to save but I guess we all have bad days.... my kids just all seemed to get theirs on the same day!  And at least it is a memory. 
Maybe I should go to bed to rstore energy for tomorrow.
Good Night my friends... if anyone even reads this.  It's ok if not.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Lord's day!

Today is Sunday.  I stayed home this morning because our yougest Jonathan has a bad rash all over his body.  I took him to the Doc yesterday and she thought he had strp but the test came back negative.  So we are left guessing at what it is.
Being delayed up until recently he hasn't eaten much food.  But his GI put him on medicine to make him hungry a few weeks ago.  Now he is eating a little of everything.  It has been so neat to watch him.  But know we are left wondering if he is allergic to something.  So we have backed him down to simple fruits and veggies and his formula.  She put him on a cream also to help it clear up.
So now I am waiting for this rash to clear up so we can start playing detective.
tomorrow Allen is getting retested for allergies also.  He was tested several years ago.  But the improvement he got from the shots just didn't make it worth putting him through the shots.  Now he is older... we will see!  I love my kids so much I would do anything for them.  Sometimes it's a balancing act but I would trade being a mommy for anything.  Mommy is the best name or title I have ever had!!!! BY FAR.
While my family is at church I have cleaned alittle, prepared dinner.  Which I am not sure will be done on time.  put the baby to sleep, moved laundry along.  Done some work for heart4adoption, and watched a cute movie "the Backup Plan"  I loved the movie.  And I love quiet mornings at home.
Heart4adoption is a ministry my husband and I recently started to support people in the adoption process or considering adoption.  Adoption can be a long hard journey.  There is now someone who has been down the path that is here to walk your path with you.

Friday, August 27, 2010

family photo shoot with Beth Simmons

I love to have our pictures taken.  Marc not so much.  And Kescha also doesn't enjoy it.  But we did another photo shoot.  Beth Simmons did a great job.  She is excellent with kids.  And she did awesome with us (we were her 1st large group).
These are just some of my favorites.  She really did an awesome job!  Thanks so much Beth.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

What a DAY....

So today was super busy.  I am now driving kids to school about 730. I get home about 815.  My daycare baby R comes about 830.  We colored, I cleaned the playroom (that was more like 20 jobs), went and got the rest of the school supplies (you know the ones that weren't on the supply list!), fed kids lunch, did laundry, prepped dinner, gave naps, mind you I am still cleaning the playroom mist all this.  Took R to his mom, ran carpool, went to Food Lion, came home let JTB's aide go home, fed baby, played with Jo, cooked dinner, served dessert.  I am now posting and then I need to get back to laundry and hopefully finish up the playroom.
These photos were all taken by a dear friend, Krista Hodgkin
Oh.... JTB's ssn card came today instead of 2 weeks it took 2 days.  That was the fastest part of the whole adoption.  But yeah we are done!!!! He is forever ours.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I've never BLOGGED before

Let me start by introducing myself.  I am Angela and I am 37.  My husband in Marc he hit the big 40 this past year.  And we will soon celebrate our 10th anniversary.  We have 4 beautiful children.  Kescha is 14, Allen is 13, Jonah is 5, and Jonathan is 20 months.
I am a stay home mom.  And I babysit part time to help pay for our children's school tuition.  Marc works for scripture truth books in Fincastle Va.  And he recently started a company to help promote and support adoption
I will try to be faithful in posting.